Mamhilad Arts Project (MAP) Upper Floor 48 George Street Pontypool Torfaen NP4 6BY WALES UK    +44(0)7543283320


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The Prince’s Regeneration Trust offers bespoke mentoring through the BRICK programme, supported by lottery funding and Purcell among others.

Architectural practice based in Luxembourg providing support, planning drawings, and fly-thru visualisation for MAP.

A local family business with surgeries in Pontypool, Caerleon and Usk providing office space at Pontypool, Torfaen, near the factory site.

Torfaen Museum Trust at Pontypool provides archival support from the British Nylon Spinners collection


Paul Bretz- Architect 
Elaine Davey - Architectural Historian
Anna Ioannou - Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist 
Ashley Lloyd - Artist & Designer 
Vanessa Lloyd - Accountant 
Len Massey - Artist, Educator, Researcher & Curator 
Robin Mitchell - Photographer, Film Maker, Designer & Educator 
Barrie Morgan - Artist & Curator 
Desmond O’Leary - Artist, Researcher & Set Designer 
Raymond J-M Petit- Sculptor & Author 
Robert Smith - Photographer, Designer & Educator 
Emily Williams - Strategic Advisor & Educator


(1) Bretz, P. (2015) Architectural Merits, Sir Percy Thomas [Email]. Message sent to R. Petit ( 11 January 2016, 11.46. (Translation R. Petit) 
(2) Davey, E. 2013. A national architect? The Percy Thomas practice and Welsh national identity.  PhD Thesis, Cardiff University


Images & video with kind permission; 
Paul Bretz Architectes; Architectural drawing & video
Raymond J-M Petit & Robin Mitchell; colour photography 
Torfaen Museum Trust archive; historic photography 
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